Investment Strategy

GM Property Group's success has been a result of our strategic and focused approach.

Research: We complete significant analysis of broader macro and specific micro drivers (including supply and demand), as well as market specific drivers assessing higher and better uses.

Asset allocation: Upon determining markets/asset classes we believe to be compelling we target specific locations and sub-markets within the locations. GMPG draws on the extensive market knowledge, experience and industry contacts of the group to source, negotiate and secure attractive commercial property investment and development opportunities. Our well-defined, selective strategy results in intense focus. We immerse ourselves in the field and specialise in the area: we are not all things to everyone.

Adhere to real estate fundamentals: Simple principles supporting the premise of ‘value’ and adopting a contrarian and counter-cyclical approach where possible. All projects undergo a robust and comprehensive due diligence process to ensure an appropriate level of financial return is achievable relative to the risk involved in undertaking the project.

Real estate repositioning: Where possible we are primarily focused on acquiring well located property that is discounted by the broader market due to short term and rectifiable flaws: be they physical or financial. By providing lateral solutions and utilising our expertise we are able to solve the perceived ‘problems’ and thereby increase the underlying asset value. Examples vary greatly from piecing together fragmented unzoned landholdings to create a critical mass through to purchasing partially vacant industrial property requiring asset repositioning.

The offering must be compelling: We sift through countless opportunities and end up concluding few. Any deal we complete needs to be compelling and meet our stringent investment and development criteria.

Value-add: We are always looking to add value to the asset and have done so through the planning and rezoning process along with extensive refurbishment, re-letting and re-location of tenants within our investment and management portfolio. 

Risk mitigation-active asset management: All investment comes with a level of risk. We look to mitigate this through:

  • Understanding the asset, its history and adopting a hands-on asset management strategy. Our tenants are our clients and we work with them. We manage the properties internally. There is no duplication and 100% accountability.
  • A deep market knowledge and asset specific strategies (e.g. multiple tenancies with staggered lease expiries diversifying the cashflow).
  • A measured position with debt and a view that debt is a product of the property transaction, not what the bank will lend.
  • Optionality around exit strategies (partial subdivision, alternate use etc.).