GM Property Group (GMPG) is a privately owned diversified property investment, development and management business, established in 2010.

Our purpose is to facilitate direct property investment in compelling investment and development opportunities on behalf of our loyal and growing network of family offices and high net worth investors. GMPG’s ability to source quality opportunities, thereby providing a platform for invest or participation is evident in the creation of in excess of 20 separate investor orfferings. Our national investment book combined completed and future development gross realisations exceeding $500m, much of which has resulted in return of investor capital and total returns exceeding forcast.

GMPG founders and sole owners Blair Gerrard and Simon Munckton co-invest in all projects. Alignment and patience are key investment tenets. Our investors are our partners. We apply a lateral yet measured, disciplined and very hands-on approach to all matters that are property, with a specific focus on real estate fundamentals, value-add opportunities and risk mitigation. more..